Battery Awareness

27 Jul, 2022

Batteries are everywhere; now more than ever, we live in a world where the freedom to take technology with us is paramount. The convenience is great, but the side-effects are being drastically overlooked.

Despite regulations being in place regarding the safe disposal of batteries and other hazardous wastes, most consumers remain unaware of the dangers that they can pose. Lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride batteries, for example, can ignite or explode when damaged, resulting in fires and posing a serious threat to those that are handling them.

Hazardous Waste

These batteries are typically found in laptops, tablets, shavers, power tools, mobile phones, watches, e-cigarettes and more. They’re becoming increasingly more common over time as we continue to develop into a completely wireless culture, which means the risk is only going to get worse.

Island Waste is urging the consumers on the island to please recycle their batteries responsibly. There are various battery recycling points across the island, and we can also provide a service to ensure the safe disposal of them.