Dedicated to serving our customers
and the environment

Island Waste offers a wide range of waste management services to both commercial and domestic customers. We have over 30 years’ experience in the waste industry, and during this time we have built relationships with our customers and suppliers, as well as developed our extensive knowledge of the waste industry to allow us to assist and advise you on the very latest and best waste management services.

We provide our customers with a flexible, cost-effective waste solution, without compromising service. We actively contribute to improving the sustainability of the environment – more recycling drives down the need for virgin raw materials, and in return reducing the CO2 output into the atmosphere. Positive action for a sustainable environment!

Island Waste form part of the Guernsey Recycling Group (GRG), a multi-jurisdictional waste management group that is operational across the Channel Islands, the Caribbean, and the UK. In Guernsey the group consists of four companies, namely Guernsey Recycling, Mayside Recycling, Galaxy Computers and Island Waste. These well-established companies pride themselves on offering the Island a large range of different waste management and recycling services, allowing local businesses and households to recycle and recover their waste, diverting waste away from landfill.

Waste management

With our relentless focus on maximising recycling, we continue to see our recycling and recovery percentages increase year on year. Working together to increase our recycling and recovery rates, we all do our bit to help our environment. Our dedicated, professional team can assist with providing your business with a waste management plan that is fully compliant, cost effective and environmentally sustainable. Providing a long-term solution for your waste disposal has several benefits, including financial, regulatory compliance, best practice, productivity, company image and overall improving your businesses credentials for sustainability. Every business is different and benefits from a bespoke approach, which is a service we offer to every customer.
At home, the waste generated can be very different to the waste generated by businesses. There are contributing factors that need to be taken into consideration when reviewing and executing a waste management plan. These variances include waste types, volumes, site, cost and environmental impacts. It is important to take all of these factors into consideration when reviewing your waste disposal.


You may want to consider introducing waste audits to provide you with accurate information on your waste disposal. A waste audit identifies all waste streams and volumes that a business generates. These audits help identify performance and offers potential improvements that could be made to the systems in place. The potential benefits can include reduction of waste, increased recycling rates, legislative compliance, improved awareness of performance and management of environmental impacts. We can assist you with these audits if required. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with waste audits.


All businesses have a duty of care to ensure they are compliant when disposing of waste. Any vehicle carrying waste in Guernsey requires a waste carriers’ licence. All sites receiving waste, must hold a waste management licence.