Whether for home or business use we offer one tonne bags

3-Step Bag Collection Process
One tonne bags are ideal for smaller projects at home or for sites which have limited space. This service can be cost-effective when disposing of smaller volumes of waste. The bags can be filled at your convenience without any time restraints providing flexibility and value for money.

We have various sites around the Island that you can pick up the bags from. Once filled, you can make the booking via our website or alternatively you can call us.

When booking for a bag collection, please ensure that your bag is located in an area that is accessible – if booking online you can enter any access restrictions within the special instructions for the collection.


Bag locations

Bags are free to take from a number of locations around the island.

Waste types

Waste types accepted in bags*:

  • General waste
  • Plasterboard
  • Green waste
  • Hardcore & soil
  • Wood

* Bags marked “Island Waste”, “Bag It”, “EcoWaste” and/or unmarked bags.

£500 fine

Please ensure you read our Waste Acceptance Criteria before filling a bag. This document clearly defines the waste types that we do not accept. Failure to comply with our Terms and Conditions could result in a £500 fine. If you have any questions regarding the disposal of your waste, please contact our Commercial Team who will be able to assist.

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